TMO Teatro Municipal de Ourém flyer design united by
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TMO – teatro municipal de ourém 
After more than 30 years of activity and without any background intervention, the old “Cineteatro" is now renovated and adapted to current requirements with a new name: "Teatro Municipal de Ourém”.

The brand identity was inspired by the architectural aesthetics of which stands out the slatted structure on the outside, the geometrical shapes and the neutral colors of the materials. The design is flexible. For each communication asset we try to capture the swirl of emotions associated with experiencing the play. So the expression is different but still we can recognise a familiarity that translates TMO’s graphic language.

Câmara Municipal de Ourém

2021 – 2022

André Duarte
Beatriz Marto
Cátia Lima
Cristóvão Fernandes
Francisco Branco
Joana Marto
Maria Brito
Maria Jorge
Miguel Palmeiro
Lara Trindade
Pedro Martins
Pedro Sousa

architectural project
GLCS architects 

Ivo Tavares Studio

BID 22 / selected / Graphic design and visual communication

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