quinta de arcossó
In the Ribeira de Oura, between Vidago and Chaves, Trás-os-Montes Region, in the North of Portugal, we find a unique place for the production of wine, Quinta de Arcossó. Situated in a Region with deep wine traditions that go back to the pre-roman occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, its vineyards are installed in a convex slope with a southern sun exposition at 400 meters of altitude with a 20% step. In its granitic soil grow vineyards species that are carefully selected and totally adapted to the region. An adega projected and built to express all the potential in the grapes and minimize mechanical operations. The result of the perfect harmony between Nature and Man, in the 12 hectares of the Quinta de Arcossó is produced since 2005, wines of Excellence! An entirely artisan production, complemented with low intervention but high surveillance Oenology. All the red wines are transformed by foot treading, while the white and rosé wines result from a harvest that occurs before sunrise. The constant search for perfection and quality in the winemaking process reaches its climax with the Quinta de Arcossó Superior wine, worthy of the finest jewelry, result of the manual berry by berry selection and the fermentation in noble wood barrels. In each bottle of Quinta de Arcossó unique wines are found, packed with complex aromas, topped by dense and long aftertastes.

Quinta de Arcossó


Miguel Palmeiro

Liliana Mendes

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