património a norte
“The 'North Heritage – Património a Norte' venue, installed at the Monastery of Serra do Pilar, in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, intends to present some of the most significant Monuments of the Northern Region and invite people to visit them." The majority of these Monuments are allocated to the Northern Regional Directorate of Culture, and have been subject of studies and interventions done under the Territorial Enhancement and Tourism projects of QREN, that aimed at their rehabilitation. “Pursuit of the objective of heritage enhancement contributes for Northern Region to assert itself as a cultural tourism area of excellence. In association with the already internationally acclaimed World Heritage sites: Porto, Guimarães, Alto Douro Wine Region and the Côa engravings."
Paula Araújo da Silva, Regional Director of Northern Culture

Direcção Regional de Cultura do Norte


Emídio Cardeira
Miguel Palmeiro
Pedro Sousa

Paulo Feitas & Maria João Marques 

Luis Ferreira Alves
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