memórias da misericórdia de braga
Palácio do Raio, with its late-Baroque or Rococo style, is one of the urban buildings which residents of Braga and Portugal at large value most, and due to its history, it is associated with social welfare. As we see it, our role is to design items, mechanisms and services which mediate culturally between the memories of the Misericórdia and visitors to this emblematic building. For this reason, we also wanted to evoke the Baroque style in the exhibition. We therefore decided to build large, irregular-shaped, clear glass boxes, preserving the objects contained within from lying forgotten in the shadows or being destroyed by time. 

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Braga


Braga, Portugal

Miguel Palmeiro
Pedro Sousa

Catarina Providência, Cariátides
Francisco Providência, Providência Design (museography and coordination)
Gabriella Casella, Cariátides
Mário Vairinhos
Miguel Guedes

Luis Ferreira Alves

Prémio IHRU 2016 / Melhor Intervenção de Reabilitação Urbana de Impacto Social

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