Homens do Douro / Centro Interpretativo do Barco Rabelo
The Barco Rabelo Interpretive Center presents itself as a space that brings together the History and Memory of the Men of the Douro River, paying homage to their courage and struggle in a time when the river was “a river sinister of colour and tragic of madness” in Alves Redol's words (Porto Manso, 1946).
In a single and ample space, in front of a central structure that is inspired by a Rabelo boat, one can discover how it was built, the life and daily activities of skippers and sailors, through images and archival films or even be able to hear some of Barqueiros' traditional music.
Through interaction devices, the visitor will be able to experience what it would be like to pull a boat from a towing rope, or on a touchscreen to listen to the memories of the people of Barqueiros.

Câmara Municipal de Mesão Frio
Barqueiros, Mesão Frio, Portugal

2016 – 2020

museographic strategy
Cariátides, united by

exhibition design
united by

Emídio Cardeira
Francisco Seisdedos
Joana Borges
Miguel Palmeiro
Pedro Sousa
Renata Pereira

Cariátides, Ideias Maiores

Luis Ferreira Alves