fmm sines
Since 1999, Sines – a Portuguese city – organizes the World Music Festival in order to promote and disseminate cross-cultural diversity having as vehicle several musical expressions, amongst which we can find musical genres typically not covered by the "mainstream" music industry. The confluence in a single place/time of countless musical and aesthetic forms imbues the Sines WMF with a unique, unrepeatable and timeless spirit. Thinking an identity for this event is, for whoever the designer, a special challenge. To communicate cultural diversity in a universal visual system, to tribute the cross-cultural past of the people of Sines, to represent all cultural agents involved in the event and to engage its audiences in a collective relationship of belonging, that was the challenge we set for ourselves. By simplifying its shape and exploring its capabilities in the communication role, we chose a graphical representation of the world map as the outset from wish construct the festival's visual identity. In a synthesis exercise of graphic representation, the planet is transformed and simplified, adopting color values that inform and distinguish Continents, resulting in the identification of the origins of the various musical styles. From this overview of the world, a matrix was developed, one that symbolizes the cultural mixture within the festival, and that will be used as common ground throughout its entire visual identity.

Câmara Municipal de Sines


Emídio Cardeira
Miguel Palmeiro