espinho cidade
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Espinho city is to celebrate the city itself, its history, its dynamics and its people. Upon perception of the city as a living body where the history, the urban space and the people are intimately connected, we thought that the Espinho city’s celebration should have as center stage the city itself, its streets, its buildings, its alignment, its services, its relation with the sea... As actors, its people and the manner they live and know the place they inhabit. As theme – the city in the crossroad of its three structural axles: · fishing industry; · tourism industry; · urban and social evolution. We propose the appearance of Espinho city’s distinctive urban net while historical fact. A mark for the 40 years of the city of Espinho, based on the evolution of the city’s drawing plans, and that from it reveals the culture and the collective memory of its inhabitants. 1st place/ Contest for the identity of Espinho city's 40th anniversary

Câmara Municipal de Espinho


Emídio Cardeira
Miguel Palmeiro


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