clérigos tower
In 2013, on the occasion of the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the construction of the tower, a renovation and restoration of the whole built structure and of the mobile assets begin, aiming to create the necessary hosting conditions for the many visitors, as well as to make its assets accessible to the public. As part of these works, the recovery of the visit to the Clérigos Tower is a panoramic visit to the city of Porto, which includes the climb of the tower and the exhibition rooms visit. The placement of floors, metallic guards and a landscape reader on the top of the tower allowed the safety conditions improvement and a better enjoyment and contemplation of the magnificent view of the city of Porto.

Irmandade dos Clérigos


Porto, Portugal

Emídio Cardeira
Joana Babo
Miguel Palmeiro
Pedro Sousa

Catarina Providência, Cariátides
Gabriella Casella, Cariátides

Luis Ferreira Alves

Europa Nostra Award 2017 / EU Prize for Cultural Heritage
BID 16, Bienal Ibero-Americana de Design / Prémio Diseño de Espacios e Interiorismo, finalista
Prémio Vilalva 2016

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