circuito, serviço educativo BMA
Braga is a UNESCO Creative City in the field of Media Arts. Since 2017, Braga is part of a wider network of 180 cities that put creativity at the heart of their social, cultural and economic development.
Circuito is the educational service of Braga Media Arts that provides multiple connections between technology, art and community. It's a service with activities designed for schools, families, children, teachers, seniors, communities, professionals, amateurs, artists and whoever else wants to join. It uses technology, electronics, video and programming in order to bring its audience closer to music, theatre and dance, proposing a set of activities in a way that are accessible​​​​​​ to all​. Circuito is therefore fundamental in the route that the city intends to take within the scope of its cultural strategy.​​​​​​​

Câmara Municipal de Braga


Braga, Portugal

andré covas
andré duarte
joana borges

joão conde
miguel palmeiro

sofia silva