casa de l cura
Casa de L Cura (Priest’s House) is a small guesthouse located in Genísio Village, Trás-os-Montes, Portugal. In addition to leisure and relaxing activities at the diversified local nature, guests are invited to participate in agricultural chores — a direct interaction with farming production using its cultural and social manifestations as a mean of relaxation. Though Casa de L Cura — Priest’s House — has no religious purposes, its name is inevitably linked to it. Like a community Priest, Casa de L Cura acts as an intermediary between (stressed) daily routine and ease of mind. The logo is the result of the name's graphic transcription: the House, icon for Casa (House) and Wheat and Wine, two Christian archetypes, to represent the Priest. Wheat and Wine are also metaphors for the two main goods of Casa de L Cura — food and beverage. Beyond adopting different compositions the logo can also be used by combining new symbols to represent services or products. This framework was used to develop all the graphic communication system for Casa de L Cura.


2013 / 2015

Genísio, Portugal

Emídio Cardeira
Miguel Palmeiro
Pedro Sousa

João Carlos dos Santos

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