BMA – braga media arts
Braga is a UNESCO Creative City in the field of Media Arts. Since 2017, Braga is part of a wider network of 180 cities that put creativity at the heart of their social, cultural and economic development.
The city of Braga invited us to create a visual identity for its submission to UNESCO's Creative Cities Network in the field of Media Arts.​​​​​​​ Braga’s institutions are already well recognized by knowledge and scientific research, and by breakthroughs in nano-technologies. The designed image conveys the quest for minimal mechanics, be it the micron, the binary or the pixel.​​​​​​​ To translate the digital world it made sense to use the red, green and blue from the standard digital color system (RGB) as predominant colors.

Câmara Municipal de Braga

2016 – 2020

Braga, Portugal

andré covas
andré duarte
emídio cardeira
gina ferreira
joana borges

miguel palmeiro 
sofia silva


Bid 22 / Finalist / Graphic design and visual communication