abrantes, centennial city
Abrantes is a small town in Portugal, located in the Tagus riverside and 150 km away from Lisbon. With a past of rich contribution to the Portuguese history and formation, 2016 marks its centennial anniversary. The logo for the anniversary is based on two main interconnected ideas: The idea of “foundation” in the tagline “Abrantes — Past, Foundation to the Future”; The Castle, an element from the “Past”, as a central infrastructure to establish, develop and propel Abrantes into the “Future”. The number “100” evokes the Abrantes Castle’s arcades/foundations construction system.

Câmara Municipal de Abrantes


Emídio Cardeira
Joana Borges
Miguel Palmeiro

Hiiibrand Awards 2018 / Silver Award
BID 16, Bienal Ibero-Americana de Design / Prémio Diseño Grafico e Comunicación Visual,  Finalista

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